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Where to Start with Buying in Fiji?

Villa Tinikava, Pacific Harbour

A great number of readers have inquired about purchasing real estate in Fiji and becoming a resident. As the Australian, New Zealand and North American Baby Boomer cohort eases towards retirement and individuals seek second homes far from the beaten path, Fiji has become increasingly popular. This is in large part due to Fiji’s comparatively inexpensively priced land vs. that of destinations such as Tahiti and Hawaii.

It’s easiest way for a foreigner to purchase land in Fiji is to become a permanent resident. (This does not mean giving away your passport). You don’t have to be a permanent resident (you can actually stay in the country for up to 6 months just on a tourist visa) but it’s the most expedient thing to do if you plan to spend long periods of time there. Most foreigners who own property can obtain a renewable 3-year residency visa.

Fiji may still be one of the better land investment opportunities in the Pacific despite prices having gone up significantly over the past four years.

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Harbour Property Services

Harbour Property Services Ltd (HPS) is a 100% Fijian owned family company based at Fiji’s Adventure Capital of Pacific Harbour on the Main Island of Viti Levu.  HPS has a large selection of villas and houses for sale, vacant lots and land for sale and vacation rental homes, available for holiday stays for a few days to many months.  In general we are specialists for all matters regarding Fiji Real Estate.

As one of Fiji’s longest established Licensed Real Estate Agencies HPS has been operating successfully for 18 years in Fiji and the owners of the company have broad experience with Fiji Real Estate and can help you with all matters regarding buying or selling Fiji property.

HPS also provides comprehensive property management services and rental management for both long term and short term holiday rentals with Pacific Harbour’s largest inventory of rental properties in our portfolio.

Our dedicated team of maintenance and construction professionals can also help with all property maintenance needs, with our landscape and pool teams keeping your villa amenities maintained to the highest of standards.

If you would like further information on any properties please contact us. If you are in Fiji we would welcome you dropping by to say Bula. Visit About Us for location details.

Licensed Real Estate Agents #0019, specializing in Fiji Real Estate.

Pacific Harbour Map

Pacific Harbour Map

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